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About us

Bao Fu Ling Online store is the only online store certified to sell Bao Fu Ling cream made by the Beijing Bao Shu Tang Sci-Tech Pharmaceutical., Ltd. We aim to provide you with the most convenient way to purchase our very own beauty and skincare products.

Beware, other websites will try to sell you imitations. To guarantee the authenticity of our products every box we sell has a special security seal sticker. This sticker carries a unique serial number certifying and guaranteeing its authenticity. On the receipt of your delivery you can check your unique serial number against Baoshutang production records, either by phone, by SMS, or at the factory website. Only genuine Baofuling carries this security seal sticker.


To check the authenticity of your BAOFULING products send an email to support@baofuling.com and for BAOSHUTANG products: sales@baoshutang.com



You're welcome to visit our headquarter in Beijing! :)





We use PayPal to process payments. If you don't have a PayPal account you can still make a payment using your credit card through the PayPal website. Alternatively, you can make a payment by telegraphic transfer directly to our bank account. If you are in China you can order first and pay on delivery.


PayPal Acceptance Mark