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How to spot differences between ORIGINAL and FAKE products?
Beijing Baoshutang Sci-Tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. / 2009-07-06

How to spot difference between ORIGINAL Bao Fu Ling and FAKE products?

The Compound Camphor Ointment product carrying the name of BAO FU LING is made by BAO SHU TANG of Beijing, China. It has become renowned for its healing and health preserving properties, firstly in China, and now increasingly, internationally.

Unfortunately, because of its popularity, many imitators have emerged. The products they sell are not genuine Baofuling, and their medical properties cannot be guaranteed. To protect our customers, we would like to make you aware of the different ways you can verify the authenticity of our products:

1)    Our packaging comes in 15g, 30g, 50g,100g sized containers. The 15g product comes as a dark purple tube. Other quantities come in a transparent bottle with white inner container, packed in a white box with golden stripes. On the top right hand corner, each box is marked with a Chinese OTC certification mark on a green oval background. The company name is printed on the package too. From 2012, the Product name in English “BAO FU LING” has been replaced with a brand logo in the left hand top corner as a registered trademark. Check out the photo below for reference.


Bao Fu Ling Camphor Cream - Fufang Zhangnao Rugao

2)    In February 2005, we have implemented a security seal system in all our products. Each box is sealed with a special security sticker. On the receipt of your delivery you can check your unique serial number in Baoshutang production records database, either on Facebook, by Email, or at the factory website(Chinese). Only genuine Baofuling made by Baoshutang carries this security seal.

Baoshutang production records database: http://baoshutang.com/check.html (Chinese)

3) Product Ratification Number: Bao Shu Tang Compound Camphor Cream (also known as Bao Fu Ling) is NOT A COSMETIC PRODUCT but a MEDICAL TREATMENT, and has been given proper ratification by the Chinese government, No. H11022269. Please note fake products, often being promoted as "second generation" or "third generation" Bao Fu Ling, do not have this certificate. They either use cosmetic, or household product approval numbers (Q/WCZXXXX).
Bao Fu Ling Camphor Cream - Fufang Zhangnao Rugao

Never settle for a counterfeited medicine. Our customer service reps can help you check the authenticity.

24/7 Customer Support

Facebook message: https://fb.com/messages/t/baofuling
Email: support@baofuling.com (English)
service@baofuling.com (港语)
service@baoshutang.com (中文)