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Coupon Code

Wait, what! Is that a new coupon code at the Bao Fu Ling Online Store?

Yay! We are celebrating the brand-new design of the website with discounts, coupons and points!
Simply enter the coupon code at the checkout page to enjoy a solid 10% off price-tag. Coupon Code: BFL2017
Checkout now!


*Coupon code is valid until 30th September, 2017

2 thoughts on “Coupon Code

  1. Hi l want to use the coupon 10% it’s not responding please let it in cawnt.thank you so much Sharon nagar from
    by the way I was in your company it was great

    1. Hi Sharon! In most cases, changing the browser solves the problem. Otherwise, login to your account here: My-account, and add the products to the basket. If the problem persists, send us an email to preferably with a screenshot.

      Good day!

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