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Zaizao Wan
  • Zaizao Wan
  • Zaizao Wan
  • Zaizao Wan

Zaizao Wan


Chinese name: 再造丸 (Zai Zao Wan)

Indication: To promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, resolve phlegm, and remove obstruction from the collateral.

Specification: 60g per 100 pills.

Usage: Take up to 15 pills each time, twice a day. Consult our Herbal specialist here: support@baofuling.com

Precaution: 1. Contraindicated for pregnant women. 2. Not to be taken by sportsmen.

Storage: Preserve in a tightly closed container.

Contents: 150 pills

Expiry: 36 months from the date of manufacture.

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