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Bao Fu Ling Skincare Set
  • Bao Fu Ling Skincare Set

Bao Fu Ling Skincare Set


Includes the following products:

Medicine: Baofuling Compound Camphor Cream


Indication: Recommended for the treatment of mosquito-bites, burns, eczema, hypersensitivity, shoulder and muscular pains and various skin diseases including itching, red skin and chronic skin rashes.
Usage: For external usage only. Apply on the affected area of the skin 2-3 times a day.
Net content: 100g

Skincare: Herbal Essence Rub


Indication: Used for muscle pain, car sickness, sea sickness, abdominal bloating due to gastric, insect bites and muscle ache.
Usage: Apply the appropriate amount on the affected area and cover it with your palm for 1-2 minutes.
Attention: Not to be taken orally. Avoid getting it into your eyes.
Net contents: 40ml

Skincare: Essence Silk Protein


Indication: Used for moisturizing, sun protection, whitening, antiallergy treatment.
Usage: Apply twice a day at morning and evening after cleansing, gently massage on your face.
Main Ingredients: silk protein extract, natural musk oil, borage oil evening primrose oil, natural liposomes, rose hips oil, vitamin E.
Net contents: 30ml