Qufeng Shujin Wan

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Chinese name: 祛风舒筋丸 (Qufeng Shujin Wan)

Blackish-brown small honeyed pills with a slight scent and a mix of sweet and bitter taste.

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Indication: To expel wind and disperse cold, eliminate dampness and invigorate meridians. Used for treating obstruction of qi and blood with pain due to accumulation of wind, cold and dampness with manifestations of painful and immobilized joints, local aversion to cold, numbness of limbs, and pain in lower back.

Specification: 60g per 100 pills.

Usage: Take 12 pills each time, twice a day.

Precaution: 1. Not to be taken during pregnancy.
2. Not to be taken by athletes.

Storage: Preserve in tightly closed containers.

Packaging: 150 pills per bottle.

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