Do you ship to Indonesia?

Yes, absolutely! All Baoshutang products are eligible to be shipped to Indonesia. Shipping service is handled by POS INDONESIA.

Do you ship to Israel?


Yes! We offer to ship all of our products to Israel. The delivery service is handled by Israel Post ( חברת דואר ישראל)

What is the procedure in cases when the package get lost by the post ?

The first thing would be to contact the post office with the tracking number sent by Bao Fu Ling Online Store. If a package isn’t found in your post office, it’s possible that it may have not arrived in your area. In case, if the package is lost by your local post office, you should claim your reimbursement from them. In any other occasion, contact us directly for a prompt assistance. We will have our courier service to confirm the details and proceed with reimbursement, if necessary.