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Where to buy Baoshutang Bao Fu Ling in Singapore?

Baofuling Singapore! Beijing Baoshutang is offering fast and reliable delivery to Singapore directly from the Official Bao Fu Ling warehouse! Locate and track your items with ease. No Customs Tax. Join 20 million customers worldwide! Click here to order now! Bao Fu Ling Online Store

How are the products sent?

Singapore Post, since it has the most reliable delivery service with vast network of warehousing and global distribution solutions in the area.







How long does it take to deliver purchased items?

4-10 days


How much is the shipping fee?

Express shipping fee to Singapore is US$10. Additional shipping fee is applied on the weight of the items. Each 500g weight costs as low as US$10 only.


Do purchased items have tracking numbers?

Yes. A tracking code is sent in email as soon as the the package is sent.


How to track ordered items?

Check out here: How to track a parcel on Bao Fu Ling Online Store?


Are customers required to pay Tax at Singapore Customs?



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