Where to buy Baoshutang Bao Fu Ling in Singapore? [Solved!]

Baofuling Singapore! Beijing Baoshutang is offering fast and reliable delivery to Singapore directly from the Official Beijing Baoshutang warehouse! Flat rate shipping fee with tracking number. Locate and track your items with ease. No Customs Tax. Join 20 million customers worldwide!


How are the products sent?

Products are sent by Singapore Post, since it has the most reliable delivery service with vast network of warehousing and global distribution solutions in the area.


What are the payment options?

We offer a pretty-much hassle-free payment service accepting almost all sort of debit/credit cards worldwide. Your payment options are

  1. PayPal transfer (have an account? Good! – don’t have an account? No problem, use your bank card instead!)
  2. Debit or Credit Card (major debit or credit cards vendor in Singapore)


What is the currency shown on here?

All products exhibited on the Beijing Baoshutang Bao Fu Ling Online Sore are in USD (US$)


What if I don’t have USD, can I pay in SGD instead?

Absolutely! You can choose any currency that you are comfortable with. The currency will be automatically converted for you. There’s actually no extra steps necessary. On payment, simply proceed as usual. Let the Bank do the conversion for you!


I found another seller selling Baofuling Cream but at a cheaper price. How do they sell at cheaper rate?

Bao Fu Ling Online Sore is the official representative of Beijing Baoshutang at International market. Our products come directly from the manufacturer. That’s why any item that is sold on our store is absolutely authentic. The product prices are also fixed by them at a global level.

However, since Baofuling Cream’s heavy popularity gain, many fake products with a similar name have entered the market. We, at Bao Fu Ling Online Store, do not recommended you to take your chance on a cheap fake/counterfeit product especially when it comes to healthcare.


What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is explained here: Refund Policy


How much is the shipping fee?

Comparing to other elite express delivery services, EMS delivery is quite the cheap one out there. Our shipping fee to Singapore is US$20 only. Tracking number is provided within 48 hours of your order.


How long does it take to deliver purchased items to Singapore?

7-10 days on average.


How to track ordered items?

We’ve explained several ways to do that on here: How to track a parcel on Bao Fu Ling Online Store?


What is Poundage Tax?

It’s a Tax that is required for accepting international payment.


Are customers required to pay Tax at Singapore Customs?

In most cases, NO. Customs Tax is handled by Bao Fu Ling Online Store on your behalf. In any case, you get a call for Customs, send us a picture of the receipt and you’ll be refunded the tax amount. No questions asked.


Have more questions?

Check out what other customers are asking on Frequently Asked Questions


Alright, how to order?

Add your product to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. It’s as simple as that! 🙂 Head over to Bao Fu Ling Online Store

Baoshutang Bao Fu Ling Cream

Endorsed by millions of customer all over the world, the Baoshutang Bao Fu Ling Cream is recommended for the treatment of accidental burns, eczema, skin hypersensitivity, itching, red skin and chronic skin rashes.

Chinese name: 复方樟脑乳膏 (Fufang Zhangnao Rugao)

USD 22.00USD 55.00Select size

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